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How to Get to Paradise

Leave your cares and car behind

There is no direct BC Ferry Route to Savary Island.  


Travel to Lund:

  • From Vancouver - Take the Horseshoe Bay/Langdale ferry. Once in Langdale, drive north on highway 101 to Earl’s Cove. Take the Earl’s Cove/Saltery Bay ferry. Drive north through Powell River on highway 101 until you reach Lund, the gateway to Savary Island.

  • From Vancouver Island - Take the ferry from Comox to Powell River. Drive north through Powell River on Highway 101 until you reach Lund.  

Lund to Savary:

There are two water and land taxi services, Lund Water Taxi and Savary Island Ferry:

Lund Water Taxi and Lund Land Taxi:

  • From Lund, you travel to Savary Island via the Lund Water Taxi and the Lund Land Taxi 604-483-9749.  There is no car service to Savary Island.  Reservations are required.  Be sure to book this at least 2 days in  Tips: Drive down as close as possible to the loading dock to unload your things, then go back and park. The water taxi wharf is VERY busy. Arrive early enough to unload your gear, park your vehicle and get to the boat.  You pay for your water taxi/land taxi trip at this time. The office is right beside where you park to unload. Pack the majority of your things in totes as your belongings may be exposed. Backpacks and suitcases are fine. When you book, tell them how many people and how much gear. They transport bikes/kayaks/paddle boards for an extra charge.

  • When you book your water taxi, they will ask you if you also want the land taxi for when you arrive on Savary Island, which you do unless you know someone who can pick you up and take you to Imagine Savary Cabin. You should also arrange your return voyage while you are there.

  • Parking your car - End Of The Road Parking Ltd. 604-483-3667 is where you will want to leave your vehicle if you are coming over for any length of time. Once you’ve unloaded your belongings you drive your vehicle up to the parking lot and check in with the little wooden shed. Someone will come out, take your keys and park your car for you.  Tell them when you will be returning and they will have your vehicle ready for you when you come back to Lund.

Savary Island Ferry - please call 1-888-263-0570 or email


WATER TAXI FROM CAMPBELL RIVER (foot passengers only),

Write to us at or simply fill this form and we’ll get back to you shortly:

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